Online Roulette

Playing online roulette is one of the best ways to make some money on the web, besides sport betting. It is a very interesting game that combines both skill and experience. A very interesting game that attracts not only professional players, but also some who just want to spend their time one it and a lot of other people.

Start from the Beginning
Strategy is the key. Do not get affected by the way other bettors play. This is the first rule. There are many ways to win at roulette games, but none of the involves with getting affected by other people. Make your own strategy, hone it, and you will certainly win.

Special trick
There are 2 things you can do to increase your winning chance while playing online roulette.

Stay at the minimum wage and play on outside bet
For example, place your bet on red or black table on every bet. With this, your wining chance would be 1:1, including 18 from 38 combinations.

Place 2 bets with the same amount at outside bet; one at odd table and the at another game with 2:1 chance

For example, place one bet on black table and another one at Column 3, with 8 red numbers. With this, you have 8:26 chance. Or you can place your bet on the red table and pair it with one bet at Column 2, with 8 black numbers. Your winning chance is still 8:26. Pairing one bet on red or black table with Column 1 (or either from the 3 dozens) will give you 12:24 odds.

Playing Europe Circle
If you want to play this circle with single zero, you can increase your winning chance. The bookmaker limit applied by some online roulette providers is usually half from American circle, with only 2.63%. You should also remember that the European circle is always meant for quite a high wager. For this reason, perhaps it would be better for you to bet less to reduce the risk. However, this game might still become an interesting one mostly because the bookmaker limit is still half from the double zero circle. It’s worth for a shot.

Usually, your winning chance on an online roulette platform can double if your platform provides a special feature called en prison. In Europe circle, this rule can reduce the bookmaker limit to 1.35%. The same rule also applies for odd bets. For example, let assume you bet $10 on the black table. If the ball falls on 0, you will neither win nor lose. Instead, you get another turn. If your ball hit the black on the next turn, the bookmaker will return your wage, without profit. If your ball hit the red, then you lose. That’s the rule.